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Talent's Coach

Meet Laura

Talent's Coach

Hello! I'm Laura Moro.

I was born in Argentina, (the city of Rosario).

Today I want to talk to you about myself, especially how this desire that characterizes me gradually strengthened: "to make people speak and transmit well", since speaking for others must be as natural and easy as, I suppose, it must have been when there was no other way to COMMUNICATE.

I graduated as a School Teacher, and later did the Superior Teaching of Spanish, Literature, and Latin. I love the Spanish language. My professional orientation has always focused on culture, journalism, and communication.

I did three postgraduates. Hispanic Culture, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; University of Bari, Italy "Comparative Studies between Europe and America", and at Saint Thomas University, USA., I obtained a Master's in Communication in Mass Media, (with a specialization in Hispanic Media, Miami, FL)

My activities in radio and television began when I was very young and I established myself as a National Announcer and Journalist, and also as an entertainer for programs in Rosario, Río Negro, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.




The future

is always better.


Carlos Adyan

Laura made me understand the power of communication, she was my teacher from the moment I started this career and her sincerity and passion made me polish each one of my defects. Today I continue to call her, learning and understanding the beauty of this profession.


Julio Vaqueiro

You never forget good teachers. Laura Moro is one of them. Meeting her marked a before and after in my career. His lessons accompany me every day in my work. She helped me find my voice, my tone, and my intention when communicating. The best thing is that Laura does not give up. In this process of always continuing to learn, over time after taking classes with her, Laura remains attentive to the progress of her students and from time to time, makes constructive observations.


Melissa Marty

I have always thought that behind every great talent, there are one or several key people in its development, and Laura Moro is definitely one of mine. There is no human being more given to her students than she is. She is a source of knowledge, love, and joy and for me, spending a year learning with her, was one of the greatest blessings that Nuestra Belleza Latina left me. Today, almost 15 years later, I continue to use everything she taught me and I consider her a great friend and mentor. Laura Moro, It's a real treasure." 


Nicole Suarez

Laura Moro is a professional who lives and breathes television. His teaching method transformed my presence on the air and gave me the tools to succeed. In addition to being an excellent teacher, she has become a great mentor. I will always be grateful to her!

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