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Courses with Laura and her Team of Assistant Teachers

Guest Speaker

Speech, Diction & Prosody Course

The Art of Good Speaking is essential in our daily lives. It is incorporated into us by humans, but if you must speak professionally, you will be able to improve a series of essential aspects. In this course, we focus on making your organized thought come out of your mouth so that it reaches the ear of whoever wants to hear them with clarity, accuracy, and beauty. The voice, breathing, accentuation, pronunciation, articulation, tones, pauses, nuances, and even the dialect, make up the oral message.


Introduction to Journalism Course

Journalism provides news, opinions, headlines, data, stories, chronicles, etc. The information overflows through digital platforms and we all need to handle rumors, versions, opinions, and the rest... In this course the participants manage to unravel the essence of each piece of information, they also learn to "tell the story" in their own words.

In News Presentation, technical resources are used, such as the Teleprompter and the prompter, the former to read in front of a camera without being noticed, and the latter to receive instructions from the director or producer through the ear.

They practice Interview Techniques, conditioned by their own curiosity and by an essential virtue to conduct an interview: KNOW HOW TO LISTEN.


Speech & Public Presentation Course

In a society saturated with messages, how can we make our “SAY” relevant, and stand out from that rowdy web? Clear, attractive, and emotional oratory is the resource to capture the public's attention. In these classes, the student learns and practices the techniques and resources to master the effectiveness of the speech and its presentations.

An actress

Non-Verbal Communication Course

What we say is directly connected to gestures. The body, the look, the attitude, the distance, the displacement, the postures, the same as the clothing, and the personal grooming send messages. We will learn to accompany our public presentation with the appropriate gestures. Still, we will also learn to "read" the people with whom we interact, or whom we "interpret" in the political, work, social and private world.

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