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Meet Laura

Talent's Coach

Hello! I'm Laura Moro.

I was born in Argentina, (the city of Rosario). Today I want to talk to you about myself, especially how this desire that characterizes me gradually strengthened: "to make people speak and transmit well", since speaking for others must be as natural and easy as, I suppose, it must have been when there was no other way to COMMUNICATE.

I graduated as a School Teacher, and later did the Superior Teaching of Spanish, Literature, and Latin. I love the Spanish language. My professional orientation has always focused on culture, journalism, and communication.

I did three postgraduates. Hispanic Culture, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; University of Bari, Italy "Comparative Studies between Europe and America", and at Saint Thomas University, USA., I obtained a Master's in Communication in Mass Media, (with a specialization in Hispanic Media, Miami, FL)

My activities in radio and television began when I was very young and I established myself as a National Announcer and Journalist, and also as an entertainer for programs in Rosario, Río Negro, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Buenos Aires, I was a member of the academic body of ISER, Instituto Superior de Enseñanza Radiofónica, for eight years. I was Director of Cultural Affairs at the University of Belgrano, Bs As. for 14 years until I moved to Miami, Florida in 2002. Then, I joined the University of Miami, UM as a Professor of Hispanic-American Culture and Journalism. Later I taught at FIU, Florida International University, Ana G. Méndez University, and St. Thomas University.

Between the years 2007 and 2021, Univision Network created a social phenomenon. Every year he produced a new edition of a beauty and talent contest. It was called: “Our Latin Beauty”. The authorities of the channel chose me to improve the Spanish language of the participants, to develop orality and the development in front of cameras. In each call, thousands of young women applied, and the Jury selected 100 participants who traveled to Miami. After a process of several months, one of those young women who became a new figure on Hispanic television was chosen. The Covid 19 Pandemic put this communication experience on hold. Instead, it multiplied the request for my classes and online courses for talents needing communication classes in Spanish from New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Puerto Rico. Also from other countries such as Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

As communication has become increasingly prominent, fast, and personal thanks to new technologies, professionals from other branches, who want to do things well, have increased, not only related to the world of entertainment. So influencers from different specialties have practiced with me, as well as doctors, lawyers, politicians, gymnasts, vendors, chefs, art critics, speakers, and pastors.

In February 2023, I am publishing my book, which is actually a Class Notebook:

“Communicate with Laura”

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